Oil & Lubricants Tank Monitoring

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

Why tank monitoring?

Easily manage your tank or multiple tanks with the right remote monitoring technology.

Our tank monitoring solution is based on ISA loggers (c.Log, RTU, iLogger) that collect data and send it to ISA IoT Platform (Prognos) through GSM and CDMA cellular networks. This way you are able to access the information wherever you are and effectively manage your operation.

Through ISA solution you are able to extract more value from your operation by planning your deliveries upfront, reducing the number of trips and increasing the DROP size on your replenishments.

Don’t expose yourself to the risk of another emergency delivery or to running out during the coldest month by monitoring your Oil and Lubricant tanks with ISA solution.

Oil monitoring example

Efficient Delivery

Proficient maintenance

Zero run-outs

Improved asset management

Increase the drop size

Safer refills supported by display units

Reduce the number of deliveries

Remote tank level using display units

How it Work


Install easily our logger device using the Mammut App.


The collected data is sent to cloud servers by GSM and CDMA cellular networks. When a threshold level is reached, an alarm will be issued in real time.


Access all the data wherever you are. The data is now available at the most convenient interface (on our web app or directly into your ERP or dispatch applications).


You are able to fully optimize your operation yet with no run-outs.

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