Cylinder Monitoring

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

What is this?

Monitor the status of bottle banks through a technology that detects the changeover between cylinders in use and in stock.

Once the reference pressure level is reached and the changeover occurs an alarm is triggered.

The possible to configure the alarm reception allow you optimize the replacement cycle.

With this solution you are able to effectively manage your stock by knowing when a replacement is required, where is the exact location of it and avoid false alarms. Deliveries have become simpler thus allowing you to save on your logistic operation.

Cylinder monitoring example

Avoid run-outs


Optimized usage of bottled gas


Continuous monitoring with alarms


Effective management of deliveries


Information on stock availability

How it Work


One pressure switch is installed to monitos the changeover between cylinders in use and in stock.


Our logger will continuously monitor the system and when a changeover is detected an alarm is issued.


Receive alarm notifications via a dedicated web app and/or via an SMS sent to your phone.


The web app will provide accurate location and quantity of bottles required so tha you can effectively manage your deliveries.

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