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AMR – Energy saving and efficiency in Metering

AMR is a telemetry solution provided by ISA for monitoring meters, particularly gas and water meters. It is intended primarily to allow Utilities to eliminate costs associated with direct meter reading (avoiding unnecessary trips that require manpower and resources), while providing continuous reading with great accuracy.

ISA AMR solution is quite cost effective as it perfectly adjusts to  commonly used meters, therefore eliminating the need to replace existing meters (contrary to some expensive Smart Meter solutions). It is designed to read either residential meters in buildings or individual isolated meters in selected customers with relevant consumptions (e.g. Hospitals, Hotels).

ISA AMR Solution combines free homologated radio frequencies in a mesh configuration with GSM communication to maximize coverage and reduce costs.

Meter readings are sent to a central platform for Management and data can be subsequently integrated in customer applications.

Field installation is quite straightforward and further  Communication re-configurations,  if needed,  can be done remotely, as actually Telemetry units are designed to withstand years in operation without the need for on-site maintenance.

While operational efficiency is the key use case for most deployed  AMR solutions, other relevant advantages include, fraud detection, business (invoicing) planning,  service up-time and ultimately customer service and satisfaction.

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April 10, 2017