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ISA is celebrating!

Today ISA is celebrating its 25th aniversary!  A good moment to get together, reflect on our history and project our future.

25 years dedicated to develop innovative Telemetry systems for our customers, particularly in the Oil&Gas but also for other Utility companies like water, in  AMR (Automatic Meter Reading).

25 years of expansion, deploying  tens of thousands of solutions for known customers worldwide, particularly  LPG tank telemetry solutions, in over 16 countries.  25 years that took us to be physically present  in different European countries (Spain, France, the Benelux),  and now also Brazil and USA, to be closer to our customers and better assess their project requirements and support.

Moving forward,  ISA is setting itself new goals in the M2M and Internet Of Things age. As Oil&Gas companies and Utility businesses evolve,  we are connecting ever more variables bringing more value to our customers and the communities they serve.

Happy birthday!

Check our Team celebrating:

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